Cacao Super Food Balls (sugar free, gluten free)

Cacao Super Food Balls Recipe

Made with “super” foods – and is super rich and delicious!

 total time to prepare: 10-15 min

1/4 cup raw cashew and/or raw almond butter – I like to use a couple of Tbsp each. Raw butters have a sweeter, richer flavor and are more nutritious than roasted butters and can be found at organic markets and Whole Foods.

1 cup organic Raw 100% Cacao powder (I use Navitas Naturals brand – can be found at most organicmarkets and Whole Foods)

2-3 Tbsp coconut oil or organic salted butter (I use both)

1/4 cup dried black currents

1/3 cup dried organic unsweetened coconut flakes (or more if mixture if to wet)

1/3 cup ground walnuts (I ground them up in my mini food processor or in my Nutri-bullet high powered blender with the milling blade).

1/4 cup raw sprouted quinoa (found at Whole Foods or an organic market)

1/3 cup (use less if you like it less sweet) 100% Pure Birch Sugar (made by the Ultimate Life – can be found at the Vitamin Shoppe or can be ordered directly from the company by calling 1-805-962-2221 www.theultimatelife.net) OR 1 Tbsp or more of raw honey

1/3-1/2 cup or more of Unsweetened Original (not vanilla flavored) almond milk NOTE: do NOT use vanilla almond milk – be sure to use unsweetened original almond milk.   Mix in a little at a time.

Melt all butters on low heat and then mix in remaining ingredents with about 1/4 cup milk to moisten. Continue mixing and start adding small amounts of almond milk as necessary until mixture is smooth (the texture of a thick but smooth paste) and ingredients are combined well. When all ingredients are combined well, turn off heat. Allow mixture to cool for 20  minutes or place in refrigerator for 10-15 minutes.  Roll into balls between the palms of your hands and set on waxed paper to cool.  Note: balls will harden a bit when they cool completely. If mixture is still too sticky after it cool completely, more ground walnuts or  almond meal can be added to thicken the batter.  Recipe makes approx 1.5 dozen balls.  Keep refrigerated and warm to room tempurature before eating for best flavor.

Note: raw cacao  is 100% pure unprocessed cocoa and is a natural stimulant.  It does not contain caffeine but it contains a caffeine-like stimulant (theobromine).  These superfood balls are very rich and are loaded with antioxidants.  Although the stimulating effects is not as quick as caffeine and are generally milder, they are best enjoyed in moderation – especially in the evening!

To read more about the health benefits of raw cacao, click on this link: