Rates & Services

1 Hour Massage/Bodywork Therapy Session

$120 | includes BioMat / Light Therapy

1.5 Hour Massage/Bodywork Therapy Session

$180 | includes BioMat / Light Therapy

2 Hour Massage/Bodywork Therapy Session

$235 | includes BioMat / Light Therapy

1 Hour BioMat Therapy only

$80 | pain relief, detoxification, stress relief

1 Hour Light Therapy only

$100 | pain relief, stress relief, sports performance enhancement, brain health, mood enhancement

New Clients
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Returning Clients
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Treatment Hours:
Monday-Saturday 8:30am -7:30pm
(last session of the day begins at 6:00 pm)

“This is not your typical massage therapist…

I have arthritis and have been a proponent of massage for many years. I have tried many massage therapists here and around the country as I travel for business and vacations. So I considered myself somewhat of a connoisseur. Then I broke my clavicle in a cycling accident and developed what my orthopedic surgeons diagnosed as a “frozen shoulder”.
I tried physical therapy, cortisone injections, biofeedback, Thai and deep tissue massage, acupuncture and acupressure – all with no relief.  After painful weeks of extreme pain and severely restricted range of motion, I had begun to believe I was just going to have to live with it. I envisioned a life without travel, tennis, skiing, or biking.
Then I discovered Katrina.  After an assessment, she told me she didn’t agree with the “frozen shoulder” diagnosis and assured me she could solve the problem — an impingement — in about 6 sessions.  She then used soft tissue release, trigger point therapy and manipulation to ease the impingement and improve range of motion by about 30% — in the first session. It was as if a vise had been loosened. Finally, relief and hope!  Over the next few sessions, Katrina helped me regain range of motion and eliminate pain. She suggested an excellent physical therapist to support our work. She taught me about cause and effect, provided stretching exercises, nutritional advice and suggested safe strength- training approaches. And she was true to her word – after 7 sessions, I was pain free and transitioned to monthly maintenance.
I have referred several family and friends and every one of them raves about Katrina’s unique ability to identify and address root cause of pain/discomfort. What makes her unique among bodywork/massage therapists is the combination of her deep knowledge and skill, her flawless technique, her intuitive sense, and her personal interest and commitment to helping and educating clients.  There are many well-trained therapists, but there are only a precious few who also have this innate talent and fewer still who are collaborative and caring. I consider Katrina as my healthy body coach.
FYI: I no longer seek massage when I am traveling. No one else measures up.”