Stretches for stiff neck and shoulders

Tightness in the side of the neck, back of the neck or between the shoulder blades results when the neck creeps forward and the shoulders become rounded.Below is a video demonstrating stretches for the chest and neck to counter pain and stress in the neck and shoulders due to forward head posture or “Upper Cross Syndrome” (poor posture, working at a desk or computer, reading, driving, talking on a cell phone, texting).

These stretches are generally safe for most chronic (gradual onset) conditions but if you are at all unsure, check with your Dr. before performing these stretches.  I recommend stretching for shorter intervals (holding for 3-5 seconds then relaxing for 3-5 seconds instead of holding for 30 seconds) than is recommended in the video, but do what feels best for you and remember, never stretch into pain!  If it hurts and you are unable to relax into the stretch, you have likely gone too far.

Good luck!