Issues in the Tissues

Why do bones get all the attention?
Muscles and tendons are worth some mention.
Because without them, we couldn’t stand anymore,
Without them we’d just be bones on the floor.

And when things go wrong, as they often do.
With time, overuse, or sports injuries too,..
There’s X-rays, MRI‘s and scans just to see,
A snapshot in time for a hefty fee.

We talk about the symptoms, but never root cause,
Prescriptions and drugs, doesn’t it warrant a pause?
For healthy muscles and tendons create structure around,
All of our joints and nerves, keeping them sound.

It’s like scaffolding – supporting all on its own,
The outer structure for each and every bone.
But when scaffolding gets weak, or too strong on one side,
Then joints get out of alignment, and no longer glide.

They rub together, and we get arthritis,
And other conditions, including bursitis.
The nerves get misplaced, and pinched in between,
Causing us pain, and sometimes to lean.

So if we keep ourselves balanced, and care for soft tissues,
Our bodies will thank us, and have far fewer issues!